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 Feuerstein Institute:

The International Institute for the Enhancement of Learning Potential

in collaboration with

The University of Antwerp, coordinator of the DAFFODIL EU Project


The 33rd International Summer Institute – Western Europe

Headed by Professor Reuven Feuerstein

Paris, France - July 8 to 19, 2012



The Learning Potential Assessment Device: LPAD Level 1;

LPAD Level 2; LPAD Basic (Young Children)

July 8-19, 2012

Cognitive Intervention Programs via Instrumental Enrichment:
Level 1 and Level 2

July 8-19, 2012

IE Trainers Level 1 and Level 2, IE Basic Trainers

July 8-19, 2012

Instrumental Enrichment for Young Children (IE Basic 1)

July 8-19, 2012

Renewal seminar for IE trainers

July 8 -13, 2012

Instrumental Enrichment for Young Children 2 (IE-Basic 2)

JULY 8- 13, 2012

ADD-ADHD treatment via Tactile IE NEW !

JULY 15-19, 2012




Sunday July 8, 2012

Monday July 9 to

Thursday July 12 Friday July 13

Saturday July 14

Sunday   July 15

Monday July 16  to

Thursday July 19


Starting at 15:00


8:30  to 18:30

8:30 to 17:30


Free (except ADHD)


8:30  to 18:30


Novotel Paris Est Hotel,

1 Avenue de la République, Bagnolet, Paris, France




Feuerstein Summer Institute

Phone +972-2-569-3315;

Fax +972-57-9557578;




Professor Reuven Feuerstein To Present at TFI:BTA Birmingham

The National Urban Alliance for Effective Education is very pleased to announce that Professor Reuven Feuerstein will personally be present at NUA’s Teaching For Intelligence: Believe To Achieve Conference in Birmingham, Alabama, which runs April 27 to 29, 2007. Professor Feuerstein is an enlightened scientist, an engaging speaker, a best selling author, and an advocate for all children reaching their highest potential. He will do a featured presentation on Sunday, April 29. This is the first time that Professor Feuerstein has traveled to the United States in more than five years.


International Partnership Formed to Improve Student Achievement for Children of Color Washington, D.C. – The National Urban Alliance for Effective Education (NUA) announced today a partnership with the Israeli-based organization called the International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential (ICELP). Dr. Reuven Feuerstein is the Chairman of ICELP, which currently houses 70 centers in 30 countries around the world. The partnership will be formally announced in Birmingham, Alabama at the NUA conference, “Teaching for Intelligence,” which will take place April 27-29.

The purpose and mission of the new partnership between ICELP and NUA is to address the need for improved student achievement, especially for children of color, with a special interest and concern for underserved and underperforming African American males in the United States. ICELP’s target populations include students with special-needs, and its program effectively improves thinking and learning skills not only among the culturally different and deprived, but also among high-functioning individuals.

"Establishing a partnership with NUA is the fulfillment of a dream of many years for me", said Feuerstein. "When people are shown that they can dare to believe in the innate flexibility and potential of the human mind, hope is re-established and sustained. The programs we are preparing can accomplish tremendously positive things in the competitive global market and in the communities that we will serve."

The ICELP programs are operated on the basis of Dr. Reuven Feuerstein’s Structural Cognitive Modifiability theory. The well tested and applied theory of structural cognitive modifiability (SCM) views the human organism as open, adaptive and amenable for change. The aim of this approach is to modify the individual, emphasizing autonomous and self-regulated change. Many behavioral learning disabilities and emotional conditions become modified through cognitive intervention. ICELP centers have seen huge successes on cases that normally are seen as hopeless throughout 30 countries, including South Africa, Brazil, China, India, Spain, England and France.

NUA’s mission is to close the achievement gap for America's urban students by working with local school district administrators and classroom teachers to ensure that all students receive high quality instruction every day in all academic subjects. With its district partners, NUA has been able to accelerate the achievement of urban and metropolitan students sufficiently to enter a college or university. NUA also partners with the districts and with community stakeholders to promote resolute belief in the potential of every student. It views effective public education as the critical equalizer to ensure that all children have fair opportunity to realize that potential.

The innovative approaches of NUA recognize that each school community faces distinct challenges, requiring proven models of instruction adapted to meet the needs of students. This understanding enables NUA to be a partner in successful education initiatives in districts across the country, including Seattle, WA., Albany, N.Y., Birmingham, Alabama, Bridgeport, Connecticut, Indianapolis, IN, Newark, N.J. and Minneapolis, MN.

“This partnership will deliver on the promise of education reform in America for underserved schoolchildren and youth,” said Dr. Cooper, founder and president of the National Urban Alliance for Effective Education. “Armed with successful student data, we are thrilled to be able to weave the lifelong work of Dr. Feuerstein into the work of NUA's partnerships” NUA and ICELP’s programs share a common belief that virtually all students are capable of mastering a rigorous high school curriculum, by focusing their programs on engaging students through effective learning and teaching practices. With the leadership of superintendents from across the country, the partnership recognizes that there is no more important task facing the United States than improving the life trajectories of all students.

The National Urban Alliance for Effective Education (NUA) ® was founded in 1989 with a vision of school reform based upon three beliefs: all children are capable of attaining high educational standards; intelligence is modifiable, not fixed; and all stakeholders in the community must be involved in addressing the social, cultural, and intellectual needs of our youth.

Established and led by Prof. Reuven Feuerstein, the International Center for the Enhancement of Learning Potential (, based in Jerusalem, has developed and executed programs based on Prof. Reuven Feuerstein's theories of Structural Cognitive Modifiability and Mediated Learning Experience for more than four decades. Today, with a staff of more than 160, ICELP targets diverse populations including children with special needs, communication or emotional disorders; the blind; culturally different and deprived populations; high-functioning individuals; the brain-injured; and the aged and ageing. In addition to its own educational and clinical services, ICELP has authorized training centers in more than thirty countries


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